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Miss Fiddyment Speaks

February 15, 2007

southpark.JPG Miss Fiddyment is one of my alter egos. She is the little girl who hid under the bed and read comic books and ate Hershey’s Semi-Sweet chocolate bars and believed she would grow up to be somebody’s wife and mother — but not yet.

Suddenly, she is 53 years old! and her one child is going off on a “road trip” with his hippie friends to a hippie gathering in the desert in SoCal for a weekend of frolicking hippieness and the Miss Fiddyment in me will not rest until he is home again. He’s an adult gawdsake, but I worry.

The things we love best are the most fragile: our children, our friends, the living — whether human, animal, or even a rose bush — the living. Our prayer: please god let them live, and is it too much to ask to let them be happy?


Titles, Meanings, Encapsulization — Can this novel be captured?

January 11, 2007

Of course the three graces come to mind — it’s so easy and obvious.

Novels used to be organized in three parts, and that would certainly work for Carleson Peak. The three parts would be:

Susan/Thalia (good_cheer) 250px-minerwa_from_bath.jpg

Marta/Euphrosyne (mirth) blakewhorebg.JPG

Igraine/Aglaea (beauty) null

Okay, that last one might not fit the mood of the novel. It is, after all, Miss Fiddyment’s avatar, not Igraine’s deepest, darkest self. But I love it, nevertheless! Her highest, lightest self, obviously.

I like this one below a lot too, and it does celebrate my Igraine, the real her that dances in her secret imagination. I should see if I can get permission from the artist to use it. igrainebymiriah.jpg

Doctor Devilliers’ little church in Carleson Peak

November 16, 2006

This magical encyclopedia is breathtaking.  To think how I was so proud of Grasmere’s 1810 Encyclopedia Brittanica!   I found  this picture of a church which  looks like Doctor Jordan Devilliers’s lovely little church at Carleson Peak, the village where I stayed  during my first trip to England.pebkac.jpg

Introducing Miss Fiddyment

October 25, 2006

Greetings. I was named for King Arthur’s mother, Igraine, but no man ever made a pact with a wizard in order to possess me. In 1895 when I was ten years old, my parents moved west to Ohio. I was saved from the pioneer’s life by my aunt and uncle who brought me to live with them in Boston. In Boston, I went to Mr. Mark’s School for Girls. igraine-arms.jpgI became an orphan when my parents and brothers and sister were slaughtered by a roving band of the Prophet’s followers, and in the same year my aunt and uncle died of influenza. Mr. Mark kept me as an act of charity, and I later became a teacher in his school.

As you know, I did later get away from him.