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April 4, 2010

I’ve decided to self-publish Carleson Peak.

Bit ‘o trivia: Miss Fiddyment is a character in my historical romance, Carleson Peak.

It will probably take several months to whip it into shape — with professional editing, cover art, and all those good things.

I’ll probably change the title. Carleson Peak is pretty boring! and conveys nothing. Some titles I’ve considered and dumped:

Maenads (really won’t work after what True Blood has done for maenads!)

Infinite Longing, Daily Bread — I like this one, but I am aware that it’s way too full of itself.

I almost had an agent for this book once. The agent (one whose name everyone would recognize) emailed me several times over the week she read it, telling me how great it was and that she was going to call me on such and such a day.

Day came, no call. I called her the next day – and she took my call! I was so green then; I had no idea that writers are never, NEVER! never to call agents.

She was so kind and generous. She talked to me for a good half hour about the book. Ultimately she decided to pass because she didn’t know who to sell it to. Now, she might have been just saying that, or it might have been true.

My point is, this is the kind of book that readers like but publishers don’t know how to sell. It’s a romance, but it has too many characters. Somebody dies who shouldn’t die, according to conventional wisdom. The time span is too big — 1776 to 1832.

These might all end up being good objections, and I might break it out into a series. But I’ve decided to self-publish it as an ebook. Because times have changed, and the resources are out there to do it well.


Carleson Peak — again

June 1, 2007

I have put Chapter One of Carleson Peak up in the Pages section to the right. I might take it down again. Or I might put up Chapter Two next, who knows?


January 20, 2007

Carleson Peak is my historical novel set in the early 1800s about the Singers and the Ashers, separated by an ocean but bound by the consequences of one mistake.
well, it used to be about that; but the Winchester Mystery Novel does metamorphose.