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I Published a Book

September 5, 2010

Not Carleson Peak.

Woe, Carleson Peak, you poor neglected thing. I vow, before my life is through, you will find your audience.

No. This book is Space Junque.

Also available at Smashwords.

It’s a novella, the first book in the Apocalypto series. The first novel in that series, Bleeder, is in edits and will be out in about a month. (update, 3-22-11: Bleeder just came out)

Space Junque is an action-packed space opera that explains the cataclysm around the year 2080 which resulted in the world of Bleeder — a world of mutant birds, shapeshifters soul-readers, and gods and goddesses walking among mortals.

My editor says it has a Firefly vibe, which is pretty cool.

Poor Carleson Peak…


I’m a Whiny Baby

November 27, 2009

I still believe it is unprofessional to make comments about specific queries on Twitter, and there are still a couple of agents I won’t query based on (what I perceive to be) their hostility to writers.

But I’ve decided that I need to set aside my tender feelings while going through the query gauntlet. It’s business. That is all. If no agent out there thinks she can sell my book, then this book isn’t going to have an agent.

Notice I said she? I have my prejudices too, I guess. Hmm. Shouldn’t I have ironed out all my failings by now?

Anyway. I joined QueryTracker — even though I’m 95% convinced I want to go with Samhain or Carina. It’s a must-have resource, along with Publishers Marketplace.

It really bothers me that I’m having to do a lot more work than Mrs. Muir did to get my manuscript published.