I Published a Book

Not Carleson Peak.

Woe, Carleson Peak, you poor neglected thing. I vow, before my life is through, you will find your audience.

No. This book is Space Junque.

Also available at Smashwords.

It’s a novella, the first book in the Apocalypto series. The first novel in that series, Bleeder, is in edits and will be out in about a month. (update, 3-22-11: Bleeder just came out)

Space Junque is an action-packed space opera that explains the cataclysm around the year 2080 which resulted in the world of Bleeder — a world of mutant birds, shapeshifters soul-readers, and gods and goddesses walking among mortals.

My editor says it has a Firefly vibe, which is pretty cool.

Poor Carleson Peak…


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