Twitter thingy

Okay. So I made up this little utility a couple years back. I use it all the time. I mean all the time. Whenever I’m using a computer keyboard. I never type words I hate to type.

Like definitely. I type dfl and “definitely” automatically appears.

Basically, my little utility (called Stenogger — you can see it over there –> in the right column) is like Word’s autocorrect feature, a little more robust, and it works in everything — email, word processors — and, I just realized, Twitter.

It’s a teeny tiny joy:

I type aff and “@Anne_Frasier” shows up.

akbb = @katiebabs
ajane = @jane_l
akkn = @Karenknowsbest
appa = @ElyssaPapa
amvn = @mcvane

On and on.

Anyway. I loved this little thing so much, I thought every one else would too. I priced it way too high and sold three copies at 19.95, ha.

But I still think it’s wonderful. So I lowered the price to $1.95 (meaning, that as soon as I publish this post, I’m going to e-junkie to change the price to 1.95). Maybe someone will get it and love it as I do.

For one thing, if you’re writing a fantasy novel with weird names, you don’t have to remember the spellings.

or words like schadenfreude (I type shfe and “schadenfreude” comes out)

or your website address (I type mfid and “” comes out.

PS: If you decide to get it and you have any questions about it, post a comment here.

PS plus: Disclaimer (embarrassing) I compiled the program before Barack Obama was a household name, and it’s in Stenogger as Barak Obama (bbma). But all the entries are easy to edit.


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