Pale Immortal – the novel that refuses to die

pale immortal

pale immortal

PALE IMMORTAL by Anne Frasier is available now as a download, published by Belfry Press, Anne’s own new label.

Disclaimer: I haven’t read Pale Immortal yet, but I have read the sequel, Garden of Darkness, which is just wonderful. Frasier’s storytelling is fast-paced, creepy and lovely at the same time.

Her descriptive skills are so powerful that you don’t even realize she’s used all these words about trees and underbrush and chilled winds — you just think you’re in a forest. And something’s coming to get you, eek!

The link above and this one go to Frasier’s website where you can click on the e-junkie link to download. E-junkie works with PayPal, quick and easy.

You can also read about Frasier’s crooked road to re-release this book after getting her rights back. It’s a story in itself, as Pale Immortal has gone from published to out of print to flagship reprint for Quartet Press (talk about nipped in the bud), to the search for the best web-publishing platform.

If you’ve ever wondered what authors can do with works they own the rights to, this is an ongoing story. Bookmark Frasier’s webpage. Support her efforts — (or just buy her novels because you like good reads). She’s doing all the hard work and generously sharing the process.


One Response to “Pale Immortal – the novel that refuses to die”

  1. Anne Frasier Says:

    Thank you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Good think I didn’t known how hard this was going to be!!

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