File under: Interesting Experience I Don’t Want to Repeat

I almost cut my finger off on Friday!

Of all the bonehead moves… I was chopping carrots with gleeful abandon, and my left index finger got in the way. I just had the blade sharpened recently too! — which the doc later told me was a good thing.

I sliced of a piece of skin, deep. Problem was, there was nothing left to stop the bleeding. No stitches for me!

First they tried chemical cauterization.

No — wait.

First, they had to numb the finger with a SHOT of something directly into my finger, oh, oh, agh. WEIRD and yikes it hurt — for about 3 seconds tops, followed by little waves of heat through the finger, followed by – – nothing. whew. I was lucky to get a doc with great technique.

Then the chem caut. The ER doc – a very sweet young girl who could no way be old enough to be a doctor — very patiently (that technique again) painted my ever-bleeding finger with skinny, long Q-tip-like sticks that had silver nitrate on the ends. My skin turned black. Not pretty, dark brown “black” person black but black like a lump of coal black. It’s still black. The bleeding did not stop. She kept at it for about 40 minutes and got most of the bleeding stopped, but not all.

So she decided to try some magic gauze (some kind of Dermabond kind of stuff). But while she went to get that, the bleeding stopped.

So they sent me home with the magic gauze just in case. Which I needed when I woke up yesterday morning and it started bleeding again. The magic gauze worked fine. My finger is black and stiff and very sore.

And it has a big gouge taken out that will be a permanent divot. I am deformed. I hope I learned my lesson with carrots.


3 Responses to “File under: Interesting Experience I Don’t Want to Repeat”

  1. Libby Says:

    Ow! At least you can still type…

  2. Bridgett Says:

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

    Unlimited 24/7 Movie Downloads!!! No time limits, no bandwidth limits, no content limits!!!

  3. Jess Says:

    Yikes!!! Um, good book fodder?

    Glad my comment was helpful on DtN. I’m new to Miss Snark’s First Victim and thought I was going to get run off for not doing it right or something! 🙂

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