Pastor Mark — wowzers

This is the kind of preacher who could pull back the veil for an atheist like me.


2 Responses to “Pastor Mark — wowzers”

  1. Libby Says:

    thanks for that link, Linda–I loved it. And I think this bit is spot-on:

    What if instead we were to admit that all language about the Divine is necessarily metaphorical and can only point toward our human experience of what is ultimately Mystery? Yes, we have scripture that is revelatory, but it too speaks within the limits of human experience and understanding as people throughout history encounter the Divine in the midst of hardship, blessing, suffering, joy, separation and reconciliation. Our stories are a continuation of the human-divine Story told in scripture. But all the ways we tell the Story are incomplete and fleeting.


  2. missfiddyment Says:

    Yes. I was the atheist at that wedding, and my friend who got married sent me this link today. Wouldn’t the world be better with more ministers like this one! (The wedding ceremony really was wonderful.)

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