Big Love Goes Dark

And I don’t mean stops transmitting. All the men, even the “good guys,” are slipping into darkness. Even Joey is ignoring his principles in favor of his comfort.

I really don’t like Bill lately. And his father (played with nasty craptastic glee by Bruce Dern) Frank has always been a dastard, but he’s really bringing it on now.

Frank torments Lois — materially, spiritually, physically. Turns out he’s got quite the pile while over the years he kept her on food stamps and desperate. This she finds out after he steals all her peas! (she had been stashing her recently acquired lucre in pea cans) Next, Frank goes to Alby, who is taking steps to become the next profit prophet by murdering his father Roman. Frank offers to become Alby’s spy on Bill and Joey. He just wants one thing in return: Joey and Wanda’s intended new wife Kathy.

Kathy is such a sweet puppy of a person! Kathy + Frank::cotton candy + acid.

All the men are getting creepy on Big Love, though, not just the creepy ones. Bill is starting to look like a self-absorbed, patriarchal, jerk. And Benny, yikes. Douglas Smith is a marvel of an actor. He gets innocent/sweet mixed with obnoxious/clueless/self-centered/entitled teenager just right. You want to slap him!

Something I’m noticing, and I imagine it must be on purpose: It’s the women of the compound who have the most audacious survival skills: Rhonda is a dissembling liar. Lois has guns and is ready to use them; plus, she —

[omigod. “Home Plus” — I just got it.]

Life constantly throws boulders on Lois’s highway, but she keeps going forward. Nicky walks right onto the compound and just takes $60K cash. Meanwhile, all the noncompound women complain and worry and hope other people (meaning the men) will change! I guess the compound women gave up on that illusion a long time ago, or maybe they never had it.


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