No Sophomore Slump, Come Now In Praise of the Writers

I was not looking forward to this season of Big Love. It was so good, so satisfying, I couldn’t see how they could possibly top the first season.

But they have, they do, they are. The acting is marvelous, but what do you expect from such marvelous actors? I blame the excellence of this season of Big Love on the writers.

Last season, it was all about the novelty of polygamy. This year, it’s about the people. Chloë Sevigny is simultaneously hard as obsidion and vulnerable as a stepdaughter. I’m not sure I like Bill going for a fourth wife! Yikes. Is it weird to think he’s betraying Barbara — and Nicky — and Margene? And what about Margene’s reaction? I totally did not see that coming, ha.

Very clever move with the music at the end, too.


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