Yay! Big Love Is Back

Big Love brings out my Inner White Trash Insert Proper Term Here quotient, and I am so glad it is back. You know it’s a pretty kooky show when the sane character is the one who thinks it’s a great idea to have three wives. Big Love appeals to the same spot in my psyche as Harry Potter does: it’s the magical thinking, baby!

This season’s opener seemed to move slow, but today I’ve been thinking of all the story lines that were set up. There’s kookoo Wanda, the poisoning avenger. I had to crack up when Roman threatened to take her away from her husband and give her to someone else, ha! She’d poison her way out of that one, too. And isn’t Mary Kay Place fabu as Nicky’s mom? She’s pretty tough with that Hummer. . . . I think more will be revealed about the prophet’s first wife.

There were several gems in this episode, like Nicky sliding over into boss-lady’s seat at the planning table or Don becoming emotionally involved in the illness of Wendy’s kitty (as he’s eavesdropping on her).

I think my favorite character at the moment is Lois, played by Grace Zabriskie.hideout700.jpg

Zabriskie’s Lois is such a treat. Tell me you can watch any other character when she’s in the scene! No, I knew you couldn’t. Now what is that box about? It’s about how Grace Zabriskie is an artist in many ways. Just read the text that accompanies the box here and you’ll be glad there is such a person in the world, and maybe you’ll be inspired to revel in the white trash joy of your own life.

Edit: That didn’t come out the way I intended. The “you” above is me — it’s the white trash joy in my life I am calling out to me. Badly written. Some people are offended by the term white trash, and I want to think about that. It’s for another post.

Anyway, Grace Zabriskie is one of those actors you know you’ve seen somewhere before. She first captured a place in my mind’s List of Actors I Know when I saw her play Dennis Quaid’s Mama in The Big Easy. Quaid is one of the best actors on the planet — which he shows again here in this cognac-on-cotton-candy of a film. And still, when Grace is on screen, she is the one you watch.graz2.jpg Whoever casted her in Big Love is a genius.


2 Responses to “Yay! Big Love Is Back”

  1. mel Says:

    Omg, I LOVE this show. It’s too bad I don’t have HBO right now. I totally agree with you about Grace Z – I immediately recognized her face and knew she would add another caliber of acting and sense of legitimacy to the show. I’ll have to check into your blog to get the juicy details.

  2. missfiddyment Says:

    Ooh, I’m sorry you don’t have HBO. It’s nice to see another Grace Zabriskie fan. I’ll report back on Monday what happens next.

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