I Almost Forgot

James Wolcott is god. And this number on The Tudors isn’t even his best work.

The Tudors is my current guilty pleasure. (My current guilt-free pleasurepaloosa is Ugly Betty, but that is another post.)

The Tudors is a guilty pleasure, because despite its fab production values, it is pure kitsch: power struggles and sex and eye candy and sex and murder and sex and petty selfishness and sex and murder and well, you get the idea.

Everybody is good in this, and some are better than good. Wolcott is right to mourn the inevitable loss of Sam Neill as Wolsey goes the way of Wolsey. But I anticipate James Frain is about to give us all something to watch as Thomas Cromwell.

But really, you can watch this for Johnathan Rhys Meyers alone. This actor gives me the creeps in everything he’s in, even Bend It Like Beckham. In The Tudors, this creepiness reaches new heights, reborn and complicated by self-doubt, then renewed by self-will. Yummy.


7 Responses to “I Almost Forgot”

  1. J.Fields Says:

    Let’s not forget Maria Doyle Kennedy. She is PHENOMINAL as Catherine. Absolutely gorgeous, and ever regal.

  2. missfiddyment Says:

    The Best Catherine EVAH!

  3. George Spink Says:

    And Maria Doyle Kennedy was absolutely gorgeous and just as fantastic in “The Commitments” 15 years ago!

  4. missfiddyment Says:

    Oh, The Commitments was great — she was great in that! Woah, this makes me appreciate her work in The Tudors even more.

  5. chacha Says:

    Sorry, I think that John Rhys Meyers is horribly miscast. He’s very good at playing angry, wounded youths but here his “authority” is expressed through bulging eyes and temper tantrums. He’s in over his head.

    This show cannot be taken seriously. I don’t mind liberties been taken with history but Henry composing Greensleeves – that’s a stretch & it doesn’t showcase his musical talents (which is historically accurate). Could’t the producers come up with something else or was it too expensive to hire a composer?

    There’s no electricity between Henry & Ann (who is also miscast). It’s as if the writers said “we need more rock stardom and sex. The audience won’t want character development.” I think that they underestimated the audience which would have responded just as positively & probab;y even more so to a higher standard of production.

    I loved HBO’s Rome” and the sex in this show pale in comparison but the sex in “Rome” was tightly integrated with the story, in other words it was not gratuitus.

    I love the other characters – Maria Doyle Kennedy, Sam Neill, Steve Waddington, Jeremy Northram (who is underused), Henry Czerny & I could go on & on. Even Hanry Cavill has his moments.

    The costumes & settings don’t make up for the torpid script & the underwhelming performances of the main characters.

    I wonder whether this message will actually be posted since it is not complimentary.

  6. missfiddyment Says:

    Chacha, not only are you posted, I highlighted your comment.

  7. paullev Says:

    I’ve enjoyed the Tudors immensely – and though I agree that Sam Neill as Wolsey is clearly the most powerful performance in the series, I like Henry and Anne just fine. A Suicide, A Burning, and a Roll in the Forest

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