I never remember

if it’s Hannah And Her Sisters or Manhattan that has the scene where Woody Allen makes a list of all the things that make life worth living. He names some music and the Marx Brothers — ooh. I think he says “Tracy’s smile” so it must be Manhattan.

Anyway, I was just reading ReadingWritingLiving, Susan Ito’s wonderful blog. I put that on my list.

And peonies.

Watching birds in winter.

The possibility of angels.

foo dogs

the world on a windy, rainy day


2 Responses to “I never remember”

  1. Susan Says:

    Thanks for the link, miss fiddyment.
    What’s a foo dog? Just that word made me smile.

  2. missfiddyment Says:

    Hi Susan —

    I added a link to the Wikipedia entry on foo dogs (fu dogs, but I’ve always spelt it foo). They look like lions and are the household guardians of all good things. And though they are supposedly scary, there is a cuteness in their ferocity that reminds me of kittens.

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